In our office, we are proud to offer a proven, non-invasive treatment that effectively addresses the many symptoms caused by allergies and sensitivities.

Dr. Jill Cohn, Chiropractor, is our Clinic Director. Dr. Cohn has been licensed as a Chiropractor since 1996. She is a strong believer in the power of the body to heal itself and enjoys providing the kick-start that is sometimes required.

See What Doctors Have to Say:
Dr. Jill’s work is the missing piece as allergic reactions become immune system habits and require the type of retraining that Dr. Jill has mastered.

Dr. Mark Albers, Wichita Pain Center
Wichita, KS, (316) 686-2626

My 13 year old son had suffered from season allergies and asthma attacks since he was a toddler and Dr. Jill’s treatments eliminated them in 10 sessions and now, three years later he’s still symptom free.

Dr. Dan Kalish, The Kalish Method
(800) 616-7708


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